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Wedding Traditions from Around the World

I have a confession: I’m a wedding geek.  I don’t watch all the cable shows, but I never tire of talking with engaged couples, hearing about other people’s weddings and learning about different traditions.  I just got back from visiting family in the Black Forest, Germany.  One of the things I love so much about my European family is learning about their wedding traditions.  I got to interview Anna from Sweden, Magdalena and Kerrin from Germany and Yazaret from Mexico about their wedding traditions.   Here are some highlights:

From Yazaret (Mexico): After the couples’ first dance, both sets of parents join the couple on the dance floor.  Instead of only the traditional father-daughter and mother-son dances, the bride also dances with the FOG, as does the FOB with the MOG and so on…I love the way it symbolizes not just the joining of two people, but honors where they came from and shows the bond between two families as well.

From Kerrin (Germany): In addition to a guest book, the maid of honor might set up a table with loads of notecards, envelopes & pens.  Guests are instructed to write advice to the couple with specific instructions on the envelope, i.e: “To open the day after your wedding” or “To open after your first big fight” or “To open upon the birth of your first child”.  How about a note to be opened on their 25th wedding anniversary?

Anna from Sweden

From Anna (Sweden): It’s a common Swedish tradition that if the bride ever leaves the reception room, the male guests rush up to her and give her a kiss on the cheek (and vice versa with the groom).  Spicy!

From Magdalena (Germany): Games are very popular in German weddings, with a close friend of the bride or groom’s organizing the guests in advance.  One game that any newlywed would love to play is this: In addition to the wedding gift, each guest writes down a gift they’d like to give the bride & groom on a paper heart.  It could be as simple as inviting them to a pizza dinner or as extravagant as taking them to see a concert or sending them to the spa.  The hearts are tacked onto a bulletin board and the bride and groom get a handful of darts.  If they hit your heart, they get your gift!

What cultural traditions are you incorporating into your wedding day?

Be Well,

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  1. I love this insight into the world of weddings. Thanks for sharing the great article! :)

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