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Revisiting the Royal Wedding

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Like a lot people the world over, I spent a few weeks in April wrapped up in Royal Wedding Anticipation.  As a child, I'd heard loads of Princess Diana stories from my mom, but didn't really understand the magnitude of her impact as a Princess and humanitarian.  Now that I'm (mostly) grown up, it was nice to be swept up into the fairy tale, and I look forward to following Kate and seeing how she progresses in her life as a Royal.  My favorite moment of the day was a small one: when William and Kate rode back to Buckingham Palace after the ceremony, just as they entered the Palace gates and there was no one left to wave to, there was a shot were you could see the Prince lovingly place his hand on hers and caress her palm.  Sigh.

It was lots of fun getting caught up in the pre-wedding excitement, so like the Brits, I declared April 29th to be a "bank holiday" at ABBF HQ, and invited a few other wedding obsessed friends over to watch the festivities with me.  As a wedding planner, I inevitably focus most of my entertaining talents on my clients, but it was fun (and exhausting!) to plan the details out just the way I wanted.

I welcomed guests with a Mimosa and Bellini station.  We munched on freshly baked scones with homemade strawberry and apricot marmalades, and popped champagne flute and crown shaped tea sandwiches in our mouths while waiting for the first glimpse of the soon to be princess.

In honor of the Duke and Duchess' first official visit to California this weekend, here are a few of my favorite snaps of the day.

Wishing Kate and Wills a lifetime of health and happiness!



A Very Wordy Wedding

This past wedding season I’ve worked with some very inventive couples.

The fabulous groom's cake by BethAnn of Studio Cake.

Yes, those are real game pieces on the place cards!

Christina and Burt met while serving in the Navy. As their relationship blossomed and they were stationed apart, one of the ways they stayed involved in each other's days was to play Scrabble on their mobile phones.

The actual scrabble board that Burt used when asking Christina to marry him!

This joint affection for the game lead to Burt’s very creative proposal, taking a portable scrabble game board and gluing the pieces down to spell out a beautiful sentiment, then dropping to one knee and popping the question.

I love that Christina & Burt drew inspiration from their proposal and shared something personal about their relationship with their guests.  Each escort card had the guest's initials and either a double or triple word score.  The handmade table "letters" represented an oversized scrabble tile.  The sweetest surprise was that Christina had a special groom's cake made for Burt that replicated the board he used to propose to her.

Be creative!


Florals by Ingela Floral Design.